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Rather they speak of their lives in often gruesome and stripped-bare details, leaving us chilled by their short and fragile lives in grasp of the oldest trade on earth. See the distributor's site. Body without Soul This film was billed as a sequel to Grodecki's incredibly manipulative film about Prague rent boys, Not Angels but Angels , available on video. In that film we learned all about the tragic fate of the young boys who are forced to sell their bodies. Of course few of them are really gay, and there are intercut shots of scary old Germans and Prague fountains with uplifting music.

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This time the focus is on how the boys are manipulated and apparently abused in the porn industry, also with the Germans cast as the devils behind it all. The head pornographer does autopsies for a living, which allows the director to cut between the pornographer cutting up flesh and directing the boys like pieces of meat. Really clever and gory. Often, when the director isn't bashing you over the head with his point, the boys manage to say something of real interest, though.

Frameline blurb. Mandragora Prague beckons boys from their poverty to the promise of a better life. With each arriving train another innocent steps off into a maelstrom and the new "rabbit" is quickly lured into the world of drugs and prostitution. In this beautiful but brutal city, there is no shortage of buzards circling, watching and waiting for the wounded. Once again director Wicktor Grodecki has created an unflinching and all too real look at the sex trade that grabs your heart and leads you through the horrific life these boys are forced to endure.

From the distributor's site. Andrew Horton in CER.


Septej Whisper , by David Ondricek Called a Czech "Kids," this film tracks Generation X in Prague and includes a kid who works as a rent boy. See Andrew Horton's excellent review. A documentary look at homosexuality in Czechoslovakia, a country just beginning to understand that an estimated , of its citizens are gay and lesbian.

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Through incredibly honest interviews with gays, gay rights leaders--and blatant homophobes--director Vladislav Kvasnicka has created a film that captures the innocence of an incipient social movement as well as a chilling look at the culture they're up against. East of the Wall Wieland Speck, Director A West Berlin boy falls in love with an East Berlin boy on a day trip.

The border guards start getting suspicious when the West Berliner starts making frequent trips, and the boys plan an escape for the East Berliner. Coming Out Heiner Carow, Director Philipp, a closeted teacher is dating a female collegue to keep up appearances.

One night, by 'accident' he stumbles into a gay bar, meets and promptly falls in love with a young man. Transformed by this love he is no longer afraid to face up to who he is. My review in Out in the Mountains. Perhaps the best known and best lesbian or gay film to come out of Eastern Europe. Complex, fascinating account--inspired by John Osborne's A Patriot for Me as well as by actual historical evidence--of an ambitious, homosexual career soldier, whose ordinary family background does not hinder his rise to a position of high military rank in the Austro-Hungarian Empire prior to WW1.

An incisive examination of the politics of power, highlighted by a superb Brandauer performance. Leonard Malten. Bruno, a bisexual but closeted young man lives in rural Hungary with his girlfriend Mari.

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He has also been asking questions about being gay. We have always told him we will love him no matter what, and that he is an amazing, smart, funny, affectionate kid. He told me yesterday he thinks he wants to be gay because he wants to marry his best friend and all his best friends are boys. It does stress me out though, not going to lie. Of course I will love him and be proud of him no matter what sexual orientation he is, but I am afraid by discussing it with him, i am inadvertently making him feel like he has to choose right now.

Parenting is so hard! My 7 yr old son just told me the same. He has a crush on a boy in his class. I took a deep breath and said are you sure? Its a bit of a shock. All sorts of fears arose in my mind…thr bullying.. I said to him.. Im making a conscious effort to be approachable and loving. We have the same issue here! My daughter is 9 and has announced that she is gay.

Her reason for this is that she thinks boys are disgusting and she loves her girlfriends. She and her best friend have their whole gay lives planned out.


I am not ready to call this a real coming out. Time will tell. These days, kids as young as 9 are already being taught about attraction in school. My personal opinion is to let her figure herself out. Many issues with older role models these days, is that they will accept that a child has a crush of the opposite gender. So just treat it like you would if she liked a boy.

Yours Faithfully, Tiger. Hi Bill! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story with us. This most-honest post has stopped me in my tracks. You are handling your family like a champion. So, it is our responsibility to seek knowledge. Knowing how to act without know how to so it is my predicament as well.

Is an 8-Year-Old Too Young to Know He’s Gay?

Any guidance here? Hey everyone, I realize that this thread is some what old. The important thing is to refrain from doing something they will regret, possibly for the rest of their lives, and have, hopefully, an good and open relationship with their parents who can be a rock for them at a turbulent time.

Studies, and personal experience, indicate that it is indeed quite common. This study supports Kinsey's findings: And of my none school friends as a teen half or more were … sleeping over. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more. Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

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